BBC News: Charlottesville: James Alex Fields Jr faces life in prison

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Charlottesville: James Alex Fields Jr faces life in prison -


Terrorism and Protest. It’s All Relative, Depending on the Colour of Your Skin.

If, suddenly, legalism is a thing and there is a necessity to comply with legal and linguistic definition, I say "Rest in Peace, Ms. Heather Heyer. I salute you for the martyr you have sadly become."


BBC News: Steve Scalise shooting: The moment baseball gunman opens fire

I hope Steve Scalise pulls through from this. People really need to cool off. I guess a question to ask of the media, though, is how the term 'terrorism' has reserved caveats for itself. We suddenly need to find out all the facts before the word is thrown out there when the term is clearly... Continue Reading →


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