BBC News: Chris Froome adds world time trial bronze to Tour de France-Vuelta double

Nothing but respect for this great athlete.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Chris Froome adds world time trial bronze to Tour de France-Vuelta double –


McGreggor vs. Mayweather: All About the Money.

It has always bugged me, how greed and a want for money has taken over sport. Not to say that money has never had a say. It’s just that, now, it can happen on a whim and it isn’t localized to small, dark corners and dingy, smoke-filled taverns. The acceptance of money and fame, and not character and competition, defining stars has brought (bought?) us to a place where spectators and sportsmen alike will salivate over garbage, sold as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The simple fact here is that Mayweather, as good a sportsman as he is, picks his fights (Or has his fights picked) very carefully and McGreggor is about to step into an event that sees him at the total opposite end of the ability spectrum to Mayweather. This isn’t about sporting ability and there isn’t, in honesty, anything personal between these two fighters, to allow a single ounce of passion to be injected into this spectacle.

Going forwards, I see two puppets being mastered by people and institutions that stand to make a LOT of money. The only thing that will be the long-standing discussion of this spectacle.


Real Kops

The immense energy that flows through a British soccer match is unequivocal. It’s not a moment to be contained in words. It is a moment that can only be experienced. The roar of the crowds, tinged with the physical closeness of the players to the supporters puts success and defeat all within reaching distance, literally!

You shout and cheer. Some even cry as eyes are cast across the field of 22 men battling for victory. Some go down easier than others but, strangely, the real enemy is the man on the other side of the field. You can’t see him but he isn’t one of you. He wears different colours and swears a different loyalty. You both channel your energy through the men, or women, on the field in front like a vicious game of chess. Sometimes checkmate is a handshake. Sometimes checkmate is a glass in the face. Sometimes happens everytime, though. Such is life in real kops.