Proverbs 27:17

It's very true that our blessings are a part of God's plan for us, and are often just between us and him. However, reading through scripture, we see that support is nearly always a thing. Friends aren't simply an addition to the "circle". They are trusted influences in our life, towards our goals. Not just... Continue Reading →


BBC News: Eric Garner death inspires an unlikely police experiment

This experiment was powerful but goes a long way to show that social interaction and acceptance goes a long way to bring about togetherness and simple, easy resolve. Death at the hands of anybody is a sad thing. At the hands of someone who is paid to be an overseer of lives around them, though,... Continue Reading →

Hebrews 13:5

It is impossible to have a relationship with God, and good relationships with others, while money is your focus. As we venture into 2018, don't focus on cutting people off so you can make your own money but, rather, focus on fostering your relationship with God and your loved ones, which keeps the door open... Continue Reading →

Psalm 33:18

Sometimes, it's not a bed of roses. Life can always throw us a curveball. All too often, I feel, we read through Psalms with open hands and not open minds. Almost like we lose grasp of reality. Do you trust the Lord's kindness, really? Or do you read scriptures like this and simply search for... Continue Reading →

The Growing Pains of Change

Loving yourself isn't always as easy as you might think. It entails holding others accountable to the same standards you hold yourself to. At times, it means letting people go. Keeping everyone else happy, to your own detriment, is to fall short of the standard you set for yourself. It is to waiver, as you... Continue Reading →


Relationships remind me of deserts. They are vast and leave the travellers in awe. They can also be unforgiving and, if you enter into them, romantic and otherwise, with no direction, personally, they'll kill you. Dotted throughout the desert are oases of opportunity that allow relationships to grow. You can have an oasis of trust,... Continue Reading →

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