Athletics Weekly Article on Dwain Chambers. August 2nd 2017.

You can find the article HERE.

I think the subject still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of some athletes but I’m definitely a proponent of change and I think everyone, regardless of their wrongs, should be afforded the time and opportunity to change. Dwain Chambers, in my mind, has used that time and opportunity well, and wisely, with a constant smile.

Picture Credit to Mark Shearman 2014.


New York Times Article. “London’s New Subway Symbolized the Future. Then Came Brexit.” – 7/31/2017.

I found this article to be a good read. You can find it HERE.

My personal opinion is that Brexit signals the end for a lot of things and, even though it may signal the beginning of a few good things, those few good things are so short-sighted and temporary. It’s almost as if the voters were giving some forgetful drug or some social ADD. Brexit will never make sense to me, excepting the part where corporate greed takes over and reduces a proud society to obedient robots.

Picture Credit to New York Times.

Questions Regarding the Acid Attacks in London.

The acid attacks in London are pretty sickening. Permanently disfiguring someone for any reason is pretty brutal. Yet, I’m left asking the question of why there is such little camera evidence of these attacks when London is one of the world’s most surveilled cities? I’m not denying the attacks are happening. I’m just wondering how it is that they are happening away from the all-seeing eyes of the State.
I’m also curious as to where the acid is coming from. Victims speak of immediate burning. Acid that strong isn’t readily available over the counter and there doesn’t seem to be a spike in the purchasing of car batteries.

These are genuine questions. I’d be interested to hear answers.

Just some questions. What are your thoughts?

BBC News: Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years –

This is old news, dating back to June 2011. I still find it fascinating, though.

Sometimes, it’s as if scientific breakthrough today is a regurgitation of ancient news, dating back to pre- ancient Egypt. I ask myself if we ever were the cavemen that some claim. With the Assyrian language brought into context, we are now that much further back into time and still appearing as smart, if not smarter than we are now.

Big Data!

If you’re like me, the idea of ‘Big Data’ is concerning. Changes in character don’t make the past go away. If ‘Big Data’ put my life on blast right now, I think I’d be sitting here with my mouth open, silent, while my eyelids blink with a Loony Toon high C piano key! *idea for blog comes to mind*

The article, attached, is really interesting and goes to show how the ‘Big Brother State’ is now (Actually, it has been.) universal and there is nothing that we say or do that isn’t detectable in some way, shape or form. It’s crazy how we live in a world where the same AI we created now creates our future. How the tables have turned!

BBC News: US seeks death penalty over Charleston church shooting

US seeks death penalty over Charleston church shooting –

I think it will be somewhat sad if another murder is the outcome of this incident. In this era of ‘Let him without sin cast the first stone’, it would cut against the grain of Biblical teaching to have the State take this young man’s life. Life, without chance of parole would be the fitting punishment, I feel.

Exacting the word of God is teeth-grittingly tough at times and to see someone slap the taste out of this boy’s mouth has part of me salivating with glee but, understanding every physical thing has a spiritual foundation, we have to reel it in a little and swallow that bitter pill we call Pride.