BBC News: Charlottesville: James Alex Fields Jr faces life in prison

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Charlottesville: James Alex Fields Jr faces life in prison -


Peckham Rye stabbing: Man killed in south east London in sixth knife death in six days – Evening Standard Article 28th April 2017

News story can be read here:¬† This is sad and mindless. I miss home, having emigrated in 2012, but I read stories like this, along with others, since leaving, and sometimes feel ashamed. This madness has to stop and it has to be stopped at the root of the problem. Because London is such a... Continue Reading →

I Feel They Want a Showdown…

We'll never know why Mr. Stephens snapped and we'll never know what went through his mind since being on the run. Mr. Stephens is already a dead man walking and I think it's sad that the system operates this way. As soon as this man has a chance to share his mind, he'll be shut... Continue Reading →

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