Someone said to me that the quality of hip-hop hasn't declined, It has merely changed address. I ask how moving house makes a man lose his-story, to The point he attends a club wearing a dress And drops to his knees for music's head, after Bending over for music's executives, Begging for time in the... Continue Reading →


Solitude, Clarity

Sometimes, in life, we come to points of confusion and need of answers. As a response, we resort to flapping in the dark, wasting time, effort and money in chasing smoke and mirrors. When we find ourselves in these moments, we need to still ourselves and seek God, believing he can present us with the... Continue Reading →

Pastors, Churches and Money.

For some, this is a messy subject. For myself, I find that many who debate Pastors, churches and money often anti-Christian, anti-Church and/or anti-religion. What ensues is a total mess, as I listen to individuals misuse terms, scripture and display a general lack of humanity, in order to get their point across as right, based... Continue Reading →

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