BBC News: US economy grows faster than expected in third quarter

A moving economy is always a good thing. However, I wonder how the economy looks if we include the U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: US economy grows faster than expected in third quarter -


Pastors, Churches and Money.

For some, this is a messy subject. For myself, I find that many who debate Pastors, churches and money often anti-Christian, anti-Church and/or anti-religion. What ensues is a total mess, as I listen to individuals misuse terms, scripture and display a general lack of humanity, in order to get their point across as right, based... Continue Reading →

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Watching Creflo Dollar skate on someone else's hard-earned money really saddened me. You can see a version of the video here. It's sad that Christians, today, have given in to the need to be entertained. To the point that they will cheer on a guy running over their money. I mean, where do the likes... Continue Reading →

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