The Love of Men: Ability vs. Opportunity

Very few will understand. There is distinct difference between not being able to Love and not being given an opportunity to demonstrate that I DO Love but cannot show it for reasons beyond my control.

Very few will understand what it’s like to have stifled Love or Love that has to be displayed within set parameters for a greater good. Very few will understand that there are real men among us who look on, from behind a glacier of no emotion, wishing they could have that one chance to Love.



Even Lions Cry

Sometimes, even Lions cry. No one ever sees, though.

The tears dry on our mane.

What depicts us as men, hides the hurt we often feel.

It seems, in all instances, we remain the same.

Our manes only move with aggression and anger.

No one sees that side of us, soft and caring.

It means expressions of love are met with caution

And never really carry much bearing.

Our manes cover our ears so it’s hard to see,

At times, when we twitch them when flies are around.

But it’s noticed clearly when it gets too much and the

Smallest things are met with a raised paw and loud, roaring sound.

Our manes cover our shoulders so it’s not always

Evident, the weight we bear.

But the mane is swept back, showing a lofty,

But focused, stare.

It’s not arrogance or pride but where we look above the

Problem to see the way forward. The right way to go.

It’s sad that the mane is often a distortion between

How we feel, how I feel and what shows.

For the mane also covers my chest. It makes my heart

A place of security, love, warmth and rest.

It embraces those, that embrace me, with genuine love,

Compassion and happiness.

Do You Love Her?

Do you love her?

Do you love her?

When all is weighed in the balance,

Do you love her?

As men, it’s easy to dive into

The idea, the woman being subject to the man,

Often forgetting that there is

A need to love, and not just lead, when you hold her hand.

Don’t be so hung up on

Ephesians 5:22. You bring it out of context

Because three verses down,

The situation is made as simple as we make it complex.

Love your wife with the love

Of Christ and keep this memory to the touch.

When asked how much He loved

He opened His arms on the cross and said, “This much”.

Do you love her?

Created from our rib,

To demonstrate she can support as well as protect

Our weaknesses and

Deepest emotions when life, like the tax man, comes to collect.

Created from our rib,

So, when you feel a stitch, you know it’s time to care.

A gentle hold

A little closer just so she knows you’re there.

Do you love her?

And is that love a love situational?

Where you don’t really

Give it all and keep it probational,

That ‘almost’ love.

Where you give all of most

And most of all but never just all.

That’s part-time effort,

Wanting full-time pay, a.k.a. Pride before the fall.

Do you love her?

You see, love earns love.

But it needs to occur between complete hearts

Because those broken and reserved

Can only give and receive from incomplete parts.

Which leads her love

To the point it is unsatisfied, unrequited

And the fact you can’t understand her tears

Is a reflection on you and your heart, divided.

Do you love her?

When you look into her eyes

And say I love you, is your heart complete?

Or is it that ‘almost’ love?

Because ‘almost’ means she’s not within reach.

Do you love her?

A Pondering on Women…

I wonder why it is that,

Some women work so hard to be chased

That they forget to flirt

With the idea of being caught and embraced.

I wonder why it is that,

There is such a need to fight against male reliance

That the lines become blurred

Between independence and defiance.

I dare say, I see a need

A need to realise it’s ok to be homely.

Because it’s easier than realising

You’re not independent, you’re lonely,

Before moving on to

Blame men for the choices you made

And handing an IOU to all men

That you feel has never been paid.

There are some women

Who will drop the cliché, “I’m different”.

So far removed

From other women. Just different!

But, in those ‘different’ eyes,

All men fall under the same umbrella,

Meaning that there’s no room for you

When life decides it’s time for stormy weather.

And another thing

Music and Hollywood don’t portray men.

They portray ideas that make money,

Money that makes them.

So men wonder why

There is love for R. Kelly while he pees on young girls

But divorce is an option

Because he sometimes fails to comment on curls.

Ladies, men aren’t perfect

And real men are always rough around the edges

But we shouldn’t have to storm

A beach in Normandy just to make our pledges

Because, eventually,

The chase stops and all that is left to see

Is a lonely, defiant rock,

Being eaten by life’s cold sea.

A Question Regarding Gender Inequality…

Speaking on behalf of men, I find that there is often this want to be viewed as a desirable woman from women who don’t really want to be in a position to be desired.

I’ve been putting a blog together, regarding decision making and using Samson as a Biblical example.
Looking over the few chapters that Samson covers (Judges 13-16), and having taken a stance of subjective studying, as opposed to objective studying, where the Bible is bent to prove a point rather than speaking for itself, I’ve come to see Samson so differently.

I remember Samson being portrayed to me as a player. A man that lusted after women and suffered for being that way. But that mess isn’t the truth.
Samson was a man that was loving in nature and, as such, fell for women easily, in a loving sense. The examples we are given of the key women in Samson’s life demonstrate women that used Samson for their own personal gain. They hurt him and, as a result, Samson, already being out of line with his purpose, responded from a perspective of a hurt man. Short-fused rage.

Samson is a good example of a lot of modern-day men and is the ultimate example of how living outside of your purpose can cost you your life. As one man said, “A season outside of your purpose will be short-lived.”

In this modern-day society, where there is a push for women to be equal with men (a discussion for another day), there is often a point where the pendulum refuses to stop swinging to one side, causing a turn in tables rather than a finding of equality. From a ‘western’ world perspective, men have been seen to be the aggressors towards women but, as with racism, there is a lack of looking in the mirror, I feel.

The answer to racism is an education in GLOBAL history. Not the revolt against a selection of races or cultures. The answer to sexism, or gender inequality, is an education in HUMAN history. Not the revolt against a single sex.

Speaking on behalf of men, I find that there is often this want to be viewed as a desirable woman from women who don’t really want to be in a position to be desired.

I’d like to pose this question to anyone wishing to answer.

In order for equality to be obtained between two social differences, there has to have been a point where equality existed or a point where it was pointed out that one set was treated in less fashion (for this situation it is a ‘less than’ as opposed to ‘different from’) in comparison to the other.
Where was this point of equality or where did a point of inequality begin? Also, if we cannot find this point of equality or beginning of genuine inequality, could it be that, until a pushing for ‘equality’ began, both sexes were where they worked best? Almost like a micro-evolution. I’m curious to hear thoughts.