Wait! That’s a Doll?!

So, while countries like America and England get heated about the strain on the welfare system, caused by illegal immigrants, DACA and membership of the European Union, someone forgot to mention how much money has been ploughed into the science department and their search for the answer to making men happy, everywhere! Apparently, happiness comes... Continue Reading →


The Love of Men: Ability vs. Opportunity

Very few will understand. There is distinct difference between not being able to Love and not being given an opportunity to demonstrate that I DO Love but cannot show it for reasons beyond my control. Very few will understand what it's like to have stifled Love or Love that has to be displayed within set... Continue Reading →

Even Lions Cry

Sometimes, even Lions cry. No one ever sees, though. The tears dry on our mane. What depicts us as men, hides the hurt we often feel. It seems, in all instances, we remain the same. Our manes only move with aggression and anger. No one sees that side of us, soft and caring. It means... Continue Reading →

Do You Love Her?

Do you love her? Do you love her? When all is weighed in the balance, Do you love her? As men, it’s easy to dive into The idea, the woman being subject to the man, Often forgetting that there is A need to love, and not just lead, when you hold her hand. Don’t be... Continue Reading →

A Pondering on Women…

I wonder why it is that, Some women work so hard to be chased That they forget to flirt With the idea of being caught and embraced. I wonder why it is that, There is such a need to fight against male reliance That the lines become blurred Between independence and defiance. I dare say,... Continue Reading →

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