Southall stabbing: Young man ‘has throat slit’ by knifeman in busy west London shopping street – Evening Standard Article

*sighs and buries head in hands* Can the madness in London stop for 5 minutes please?! Thankfully, the boy survived.

London fire: Six dead after blaze engulfs tower block – BBC News

Man, my home needs a break. This is crazy. Prayers and condolences to the families of those that were lost.

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BBC News: Casualties after London Bridge ‘knife and van incident’

Please stop… 😦

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Casualties after London Bridge ‘knife and van incident’ –

Peckham Rye stabbing: Man killed in south east London in sixth knife death in six days – Evening Standard Article 28th April 2017

News story can be read here:

This is sad and mindless. I miss home, having emigrated in 2012, but I read stories like this, along with others, since leaving, and sometimes feel ashamed. This madness has to stop and it has to be stopped at the root of the problem.

Because London is such a complex boiling pot of so many demographics, only cohesion will bring about change. Various demographics looking out for themselves isn’t working and, historically, never has. London needs to come together and raise its children as a village. There are so many people in London with so many qualities to offer the younger generations but everyone is so busy moving on to the next thing and so busy making that next pound to pay the next bill that there are whole demographics slipping through the social cracks that are appearing. Disappearing with, clearly, very serious consequences.

Wake up, London!