A New World

Planning to do something you've never done before, in order to outgrow parts of yourself that hold you back, is a frightening, yet exhilarating, experience. I'm just praying for the strength and consistency to follow through and deliver.



Solitude, Clarity

Sometimes, in life, we come to points of confusion and need of answers. As a response, we resort to flapping in the dark, wasting time, effort and money in chasing smoke and mirrors. When we find ourselves in these moments, we need to still ourselves and seek God, believing he can present us with the... Continue Reading →

Cold Nights, Warm Spirits

One day, there will be no need to find the positives in the negatives and no need to apply rationale or reason to misunderstanding. There will be no need for hope and #JokerFace will cease to be. Liberty will become freedom and uncertain darkness will become eternal light. @geminidimension

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