Song of a Prison


#JokerFace: Shot Through the Heart

Though not always convenient, there is such a necessity to assess a person based on the history of their story, as opposed to judge and punish based on observation of the present. EVERYONE has their story and I’m no exception. There are many times that I can think of where an understanding of my past could have aided a more positive outcome of situations I’ve found myself in, allowing for a better tomorrow. Finding the point in time, of someone’s life, where Love was taken from them bares the root to the weed and it is destroying the weed that changes the man for the better.

The Love of Men: Ability vs. Opportunity

Very few will understand. There is distinct difference between not being able to Love and not being given an opportunity to demonstrate that I DO Love but cannot show it for reasons beyond my control.

Very few will understand what it’s like to have stifled Love or Love that has to be displayed within set parameters for a greater good. Very few will understand that there are real men among us who look on, from behind a glacier of no emotion, wishing they could have that one chance to Love.