Thoughts on What the Health Documentary.

It took 3 days to get through this documentary but I found it really informative and it wasn’t the dramatic conspiracy theory that I thought it would be. It’s available on Netflix and I’d advise everyone to take some time to watch it. My only regret is that I didn’t take notes.

I think my gravest concern, having watched this documentary, is that the people we should be able to trust are the ones who are knowingly killing us – and, yes, it is as real as that. The dairy, egg and meat industry, working in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical industry, knowingly feed us products that they know increase our risk of dying before our time. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Fed to us so we can run to the Pharmaceutical Industry, who take our hard-earned dollars, to treat diseases they have no intention of eradicating. In a nutshell, allowing you to die slowly (and sometimes painfully) is an important factor in the lining of pockets so deep that, if those pockets didn’t exist, the U.S. GDP INCREASE would equate to the 10th largest GDP country in the world. Wow!

R.I.P. Victor Magwood

I don’t think there is a single person with a bad word to say about this gentleman and, without doubt, he occupies some of my oldest childhood memories. Above most things, I can still hear the deep Irish accent, punctuated with his extrovert laugh. Plus, the man perfected the art of making chips! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. If you know your chips, you’ll know this is how they should be!
If I was to list every memory, I’d write a novel. 14 years, Victor Magwood, never a dull moment!
He was ever industrious. A D.I.Y. king, construction worker for my 37 years on this earth and it’s great to be able to speak fondly of someone that I haven’t actually seen since the age of about 14. Victor isn’t a man who has left only memories with those that knew him, he’s a man that has left a legacy. A man that other men can think of, wishing there were more like him.
If I could put Victor Magwood in any form of perspective (Difficult when one is larger than life!), I would only be able to refer to the smile and chuckles produced by them old childhood memories!

R.I.P. Good sir…

London fire: Six dead after blaze engulfs tower block – BBC News

Man, my home needs a break. This is crazy. Prayers and condolences to the families of those that were lost.

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The Annunciation

There are very few things worse than having Love torn from you. Regardless of blame and reason, it leaves you in a place where you question the very existence of Love. Much less the ability to display it.

I overcame this period in my life by accepting responsibility for my wrongdoings and how I’d hurt others. Then I went through a process of self-forgiveness before opening a door for others to forgive me.

During the period of asking others to forgive me, I went through a raft of emotions as some forgave and others blasted me with the grudge and hate they still held against me. It wasn’t pretty and the period brought me to a next phase that I am still dealing with. I am fearful of letting down those that I Love.