It’s Not Always Straightforward Being Mixed Race.

I found this to be an interesting article. It’s interesting to see how the non-working classes struggle to understand, and even fathom, the idea of racial mixing. See the article here.
I’ve deduced the class based on the situations mentioned, having an understanding of British classes. My opinion is open to debate and question.

It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I started to see society’s different perceptions of mixed race people. I noticed that, generally, I was mixed race to the working classes of the UK but considered black by the middle and upper classes. Seeing that it is the middle and upper classes that effect our social systems, I learned that the system had to be approached and addressed differently, depending on the situation at hand.

Mixed Race people are the social gymnasts of this era!


Zika Virus Thoughts…

I read an article, on the BBC News website, talking of how millions of honeybees were killed as pesticide treatments for the Zika virus were deployed down in North Carolina. Such an important species, to all humanity, they say mankind would die out in 4 years if there were no honeybees. To lose millions just like that is pretty tragic. But then I asked myself if it were by design.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I couldn’t help thinking that there were no cases of the Zika virus reported among the thousands of athletes during the Rio Olympics. Thousands of people in a single living space for around 4 weeks. Does this virus pick and choose its victims? Are we entering an era where viruses are now becoming intelligent? Or is there something else going on here? Hmmmmm…..

Colin Kaepernick: A Stand-Up Guy

I’m tired of hearing Colin Kaepernick railed on. I see the reaction to his protest in the same light I see the reactions to the shootings of individuals such as Alton Sterling.

I’m tired of hearing Colin Kaepernick railed on. I see the reaction to his protest in the same light I see the reactions to the shootings of individuals such as Alton Sterling. It’s almost as though the knee-jerk reaction to facing up to our own flaws has us quickly needing to find diversion so we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it doesn’t exist. “Our society has no flaws. How dare you, Colin Kaepernick!”

My standpoint is this. If Colin Kaepernick is so wrong why has nobody addressed his point? I mean, if his point regarding disparity and, specifically, police brutality is incorrect, we could fairly and firmly close this situation down and return to the journey to the Super Bowl. Or does he have a fair point that we just don’t want to address?

I made a comment on Facebook, pointing out that Donald Trump has also said that America has failed. Yet, those that listen in debate whether he should be the next President of the United States or not. Why? Because it is decided that his content requires attention. If two people make the same statement what would cause us to afford time to one and not the other? It HAS to be the content. Put simply, it is more important for us to address which Mexicans and Muslims are allowed to stay among us, while we make drastic preparations to withstand attacks from countries thousands of miles away, than it is to ask why, to date of this blog, 730 people have died at the hands of our police force this year and why it is your chances of being killed by a police officer are higher, depending on the colour of your skin. Further, Colin asked why we don’t increase the time we spend training our police officers. The only response I’ve seen from senior police officials debates Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the National Anthem with nothing said about WHY he chose to sit it out.

Answering the question of ‘Why?’ gives closure to situations. It helps to put everything into perspective, in order for us to adjudicate fairly and to the correct measure. We did this when Ted Bundy murdered multiple women and we did this when Timothy McVeigh blew up a building in Oklahoma City. We did it when Dylan Rooff shot 9 innocent people in North Carolina and we did it when Christina Grimmie was shot by a stalker in Florida. There HAD to be a reason for such drastic action and we HAD to find out what that reason was. Had the individuals, listed, not had their reasoning addressed there would have been questions constantly asked and pondered over so, in order to retain the peace and as is custom, the ‘why’ was hashed out and dealt with. But not for Colin Kaepernick. There is suddenly this focus on the drastic action but no consideration has been given to the ‘why’. A NFL star sits down during the National Anthem and, even though he gave his reason for drastic action, it’s as if his reason was never spoken. Hmmmmm… Is there some reason why his reason isn’t valid for address? I mean, it’s not like he said something that was a lie. His reason has a solid foundation and the idea of police brutality is extremely concerning. Or is there a reason for it not to be?

In refusing to address the ‘why’ of Colin Kaepernick’s protest, we have allowed ourselves the ability to spin the story to any level we want. His actions are disgrace to the military members out there, dying for our freedom. Yet I haven’t seen anyone give much air time to Colin’s comments regarding servicemen. Let me help you with that.
Colin pointed out that the freedom being fought and sacrificed for was being abused by those allowed to allot it to certain individuals but not others. It is the system that is making a mockery of the sacrifice of our servicemen and women. Not the footballer trying to point out the discrepancy. Then they mentioned Colin Kaepernick’s income in comparison to that of a soldier, as though everything that can be done to bring the messenger into disrepute will bring an end to his message. Some mentioned that he doesn’t share his money. Diversion.
What does Colin Kaepernick’s income have to do with police brutality? If he spent millions building new schools and creating a warm fuzzy existence for black people, does that make police brutality go away? Does that bring back the 730 that are dead? Money doesn’t even have a value and the system knows this. The system knows, all too well, how to divide and conquer, though, and here we are. Arguing and debating drastic action. Scared to argue and debate the basis of it. Almost as if we are scared of the unity and closure it would bring about. Or is it the system that realizes it can only thrive if there is division?

Colin Kaepernick has put his livelihood at risk by observing a standard that isn’t his own. How many people do we see doing that this day and age? How many other men and women out there put their livelihoods on the line in order to see that society is equal and just? Not many.

In a society that chooses to sit down and pretend not to notice inequality and abuse of power, watching their fellow man suffer, a man willing to put his livelihood on the line to see wrongs corrected is a very stand-up guy. I only hope he remains consistent and gains support. Colin Kaepernick, salute.

Brock Turner: You Only Need To Want To Make It!

I remember being absolutely stunned when Brock Turner was given a 6 months sentence for raping an unconscious girl on the campus of Stanford University. I was even more stunned when I heard about a police officer receiving the same sentence, for the same crime, in Alabama. That’s for a different discussion, though.
Today, having served 3 months of that 6 months stretch, Brock Turner is a free person.

Rapturous applause, though, for the justice system! Apparently, Brock had a great drive in school and a bright outlook for his future. This meant that it wasn’t necessary for him to face the punishment he should have faced and it meant that any time more than 6 months in a prison would have hampered this drive, which clearly is needed in our society, apparently. So much so that it over-rides the law. Has anyone even heard a genuine apology from Brock? I know his dad said it was just ’20 minutes of action’ but I’m tending to think that this drive and small level of intellect, plus common sense, that Brock has may have informed him that what he did was wrong. Or maybe the drive is all wrong, but indicative of how we have become as a society. Because everyone is a winner, aren’t they?

I can see Brock being a big supporter of the system when he eventually becomes a man. Declaring how anyone can make it and how he has never been turned down for opportunity in the land of the free (Privileged). Actually, I see another Donald Trump in the making.

*yawns, stretches* Scumbag…

When Riding Uber, My Car Isn’t Yours!

Driving for Uber has become one of the greatest ever side-jobs. My own hours and it’s fun to be able to drive around for a few hours on a weekend, meeting new people and making a little extra money while doing so. I feel, though, that some passengers don’t realize that the car they are in ISN’T part of the service and also fail to reciprocate basic common courtesy. Here are just a few pointers when getting into MY car.

  1. You expect me to be on time. You need to be doing the same.
    Philadelphia has many roads designed to handle foot traffic and the occasional horse and cart. My Buick just about fits down these roads when handled by the skill and finesse of Yours Truly, which should indicate that there is no passing option when I’m sitting outside your address for 5 minutes with the world and his wife trailing behind me. BE READY! You saw I was 5 minutes away. If you knew that you wouldn’t be ready in 5 minutes, wait for another car. It’s simple logic!
  2. Food is not an option in another man’s vehicle.
    In the tri-state heat and humidity, please, feel free to take some water on board. Enjoy the gentle breeze from the AC up front and exchange pleasant conversation or sit in the comfort and silence of your own space. DON’T, however, think you’re going to open up a burger and fries, stuff your face and leave my car smelling like a fast food restaurant. No sah! How would you like it if I came and sat in the back of YOUR car and began chowing down on some curry goat, rice and peas? And how are you going to like it when your car is charged to detail the inside of my car…? Actually… Hmmmmmm… (I jest!)
  3. Google Maps is a thing.
    You may have lived in a place all your life. That’s great. However, you are not a global search engine. The voice coming from the speakers has been designed and set in place so you can ride in total comfort and not have to give me directions. Especially when your directions land us in traffic! Do me a favour. Sit, smile and engage in pleasant conversation. We’ll leave the directional concerns to that global institution we know as Google!
  4. Touch my radio and you can get out of my car.
    Riding up front allows the ride to be more personable. I like that. But, you see, there are levels to relationships. As a first time rider, you become an acquaintance. To believe you can reach for my radio AND THEN try to take the audio connector from MY PHONE, because you want to listen to your music? Mad ting! When in MY car, I run tings. Tings nuh run me! And, if it is manners that you can’t find because you feel you are in receipt of a service, which must give you some status, I have no qualms pulling over and assisting you from MY car rather hastily! No five stars for you! LOL!
  5. They may not want to join you in the strip club.
    Gentlemen, Uber Pool is a great thing. Conversation to be had and friends to be made. However, just as alcohol is a thing, so is tactful approach to the opposite sex. Especially while intoxicated. Two men, sharing an Uber ‘date’ with two attractive females, may wish to reach for alternative date-night establishments when one’s original destination is the strip club. We may as well become cavemen and begin beating women in the head with clubs, to display interest, if the ability to adjust a plan, to attract a mate, is a bridge too far!

Uber driving. Bringing small rays of laughter into my laugh one weekend at a time…!

R.I.P. Hamim Lubega

This gentleman carried himself with an exemplary spirit of humility and he is going to be greatly missed.

Away from the track, he was the quiet one (within the parameters of the ‘quiet’ Mile End’s athletes produce!). He had a constantly calm and collected tone and it reflected on his performances on the track. He was smart beyond his years, with a respect for his elders and a love for his bredren.

I’m gonna miss the banter but, most of all, I’m going to miss the competition. It’s been a while since we raced and it is a shame our next race won’t take place in this life. Battles over the 200m and 400m will be sorely missed, as well as the gym work.

He is in a better place now but this world has definitely lost a shining light. Even close to the end, his concern was with the welfare of others. That’s just remarkable love, to be frank. But, then, that was him since I first met him.

R.I.P. Hamim Lubega