BBC News: Young women on sexual harassment in the workplace

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Young women on sexual harassment in the workplace -


Cold Nights, Warm Spirits

One day, there will be no need to find the positives in the negatives and no need to apply rationale or reason to misunderstanding. There will be no need for hope and #JokerFace will cease to be. Liberty will become freedom and uncertain darkness will become eternal light. @geminidimension

Exodus 14:14

Understanding that the Commandments given at Mount Sinai were part of a marriage ceremony between God and Israel, Exodus 14:14 shows a declaration of "You can trust me in your darkest hour" during the courtship period. With the Red Sea in front and an Egyptian army behind, this was a situation where God had to... Continue Reading →

II Corinthians 4:16

It is faith in what we don't see, but what we know must come, that gets us through the hard times. I think we often misunderstand how faith works in hard times. I often come across people who believe we should just wait on God because he will see us through. I've been guilty of... Continue Reading →

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