Our Entitled Attitude is Killing Us

Man, the ignorance is rife. Had Mukthar Ahmed walked into a South Florida school, with an AR-15, killing 17, American society would have been united as one, while we dropped bombs halfway around the world. No talk of politics or 2nd Amendments. Just straight to execution, while a B-1 lights up the night sky of... Continue Reading →


When the Right to Live < Your Conditional Right to Take Life

I do find it frustrating that, this day and age, acts of atrocity are no longer addressed from the perspective of humanity but, rather, politics. This is scary. It's scary because, in situations such as mass murders, rather than address the actions of one person towards another, we replace humans with numbers and then, through... Continue Reading →

Wait! That’s a Doll?!

So, while countries like America and England get heated about the strain on the welfare system, caused by illegal immigrants, DACA and membership of the European Union, someone forgot to mention how much money has been ploughed into the science department and their search for the answer to making men happy, everywhere! Apparently, happiness comes... Continue Reading →

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