When Practice Becomes Instinct…

When you step into the blocks of decision-making, throughout your life, you’re making a declaration of readiness and what follows not only defines you but also displays who you are.

When you wait on the gun of decision-making, all you know is that you want to win. You want to do better than you did last time and anyone that wants to defeat you cannot win, unless you let them.

The questions leading up to the gun are, what have you been practicing, with whom and with what level of dedication and commitment?



Walk in the Faith of Your Purpose.

Remaining static, having discovered your purpose and, even, remaining static, having not discovered your purpose, is to live a stagnant life.

There is life and refreshment in working to discover your purpose, even when you fail or make mistakes. Getting it wrong isn’t defeat, it’s a lesson. Lessons are life and the day we stop wanting to learn is the day we start to die.

We all have a purpose. I encourage you to work towards yours and, when you have found it, walk in it. Put aside fear and take up Love and walk in the confidence we all were created with.


They Sing Tonight

I thought to write a blog on climate change but the simple fact is, as a species, we have mastered the art of blame, and as long as we aren’t to blame, it simply can’t be our problem to resolve. Even if it means we all march to a point of self-destruction.

One day, we’ll stop fighting to justify our destructive behaviour and come together to preserve what matters most. A life of Love.


The Growing Pains of Change

Loving yourself isn’t always as easy as you might think. It entails holding others accountable to the same standards you hold yourself to. At times, it means letting people go.

Keeping everyone else happy, to your own detriment, is to fall short of the standard you set for yourself. It is to waiver, as you live to standards not your own.

It’s OK to command a level of respect, no less than the respect you afford yourself. As you set sail across the sea of your purpose and destiny, you need to do this so you can have trusted shipmates aboard and not mutinous pirates.


Deep, Blue Sea

The human mind will always remind me of the deep, blue sea. As much as mankind attempts to control it, it still persists in the direction of its own purpose. Just as the sea makes up at least 2 thirds of our home, our purpose makes up our existence. Have you ever noticed that, when someone discovers their purpose, and begins operating in that vein of existence, they are almost unstoppable?

It’s a new, but refreshing, feeling to be able to smile in the face of those that judge me. It’s a new, but refreshing, feeling to begin to let go of fear and worry as I lean on a confidence that isn’t mine. I’ve come to discover that working out of line with my purpose is the same as rowing against the tide of where I’m supposed to be going. I may get there but, Lord, it hurts!

We are the stewards of the lives given to us. Our time, effort and money is what we have been given to work with, in order to facilitate our purpose. As the Bible states, we can’t be allowed to take on greater responsibilities, as lords over great things until we master the little things ahead of us. For example, maybe your lack of time management is the thing holding you back from actually being a manager. Or, maybe, your inability to control your spending now is what is preventing you from unplugging the wealth of assets in store for you.

Take time out to explore your purpose. Shut down and separate yourself from the naysayers and distractions that stop you from rowing with the tide of your existence.