Amethyst Beads

Every morning, I feel blessed to see the sun rise again. I love how, every morning, the interaction between night and day is a little different. Sometimes, it's the colours, at others the weather or cloud covering. Whatever it is, for that particular day, I'm always loaded with gratitude to have witnessed it.


Jeweled Skies

Stay prayerful. They watch over you and they often guide you. They also show up in the most unexpected ways. Another reason to Love and respect your neighbour. Prompted by @fallspoetry with "Jeweled Skies"

A New World

Planning to do something you've never done before, in order to outgrow parts of yourself that hold you back, is a frightening, yet exhilarating, experience. I'm just praying for the strength and consistency to follow through and deliver.

Photographic Legacies

Without a doubt, this subject is much deeper than short prose. However, it is good to remember that the media educates all of us, regarding those not like us, per se. Being wise to this helps to differentiate between ignorance and mis-education and a need for education and aggressive correction.


Someone said to me that the quality of hip-hop hasn't declined, It has merely changed address. I ask how moving house makes a man lose his-story, to The point he attends a club wearing a dress And drops to his knees for music's head, after Bending over for music's executives, Begging for time in the... Continue Reading →

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