R.I.P. Auntie Angela

My earliest memory is of the smile you had when You got your first car. A bright red Nissan Sunny. I think back on the irony in the name, speechless, In this present time where nothing's really funny. There was a humility in your smile, as you pulled Up in the place of grandma's old... Continue Reading →


Pastors, Churches and Money.

For some, this is a messy subject. For myself, I find that many who debate Pastors, churches and money often anti-Christian, anti-Church and/or anti-religion. What ensues is a total mess, as I listen to individuals misuse terms, scripture and display a general lack of humanity, in order to get their point across as right, based... Continue Reading →

Opinion Based On Conversation: Policing The United States.

I while back, I posted a Facebook status, expressing some thoughts on the state of policing here in the United States. I expressed that there are some key things needing to be addressed, in order to build a relationship between the public and the police force, and also to improve policing in the overall scheme of things.

Choices: Stuck in the Blocks from a Christian Perspective

My first attempt at a structured Bible Lesson. At first, it was always seen as 'the enemy' robbing me of my blessing but now I see more clearly. Understanding that the Lord is, first and foremost, our father, I'm able to rationalize that my inability to reach the next level and, ultimately, my purpose, is because He sees that my decision-making has deemed me not ready to move up. I'm coming out of the blocks all wrong.

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