Terrorism and Protest. It’s All Relative, Depending on the Colour of Your Skin.

If, suddenly, legalism is a thing and there is a necessity to comply with legal and linguistic definition, I say “Rest in Peace, Ms. Heather Heyer. I salute you for the martyr you have sadly become.”

Who’d have thought that we live in a world where there is a fine line between protest and terrorism? The colour of your skin deciding what side of the fence you fall on.
If you are of Arabic descent and drive a vehicle through a crowd, you are a terrorist, you are a murderer, you have no place in human society. A coward, breeding hate. And this is before anyone has even taken time to find out what your name is.
If you are white and drive a vehicle through a crowd, we need to take time to gather the facts. Then we find out that you aren’t an animal but, rather, a 20 year old from Ohio. The people that know you can’t believe you could do a thing like this and, if you have a track record of hate, you’re a lone wolf. You couldn’t possibly represent your race or any systemic injustice.
If you’re black and you turn up to protest with a flaming torch and/or semi-automatic rifle, dressed in full combat clothing…. Oh, actually, wait…. That hasn’t happened. Tamir Rice, though, can probably give us the low-down on what can happen if you’re black and carry a weapon. Or, at least, what can happen if you’re 12 and carry a toy gun. He’s dead, though. Some would say, killed by the very system that allows others to exercise a right to carry a weapon in protest. Some very real ones.
If you’re black and cause a riot when you protest, you’re a thug and an animal. You are sub-human and your reasons for protest should all be handled, in love, by sitting down and talking.
If you’re white and cause a riot when you protest, you’re exercising a right. All voices should be equal. The country is a country of free speech and, therefore, the carrying of torches, rifles, banners and shields of hate form part of a relevant voice that should be heard. The violence comes from a firm foundation of belief and, as such, should be heard.
What does our leadership think of this?
Our leadership kept its thoughts to 140 characters or less so that the emotion of someone being murdered, by someone driving through a crowd, could fit within a Twitter feed. When it appeared to speak personally, there was a lack of passion and a loss of words in condemning evil acts. You know. The passion that exists and rhetoric that flows, oh so smoothly, when fists are shaken at countries where the population doesn’t know much outside their own borders. Fists shaken at countries where farmers and shepherds look back and scratch their heads.
ABC News spoke of Mr. Fields’ “Alleged crime”. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the alleged crime “Does meet with the definition of domestic terrorism”. The U.S. Department of Justice is pursuing what Fields allegedly did “in every way that we can make a case.” – ABC News.
Pretty much, some sick Shakespearean-type word play that separates Mr. Fields from a crime and the crime from terrorism. Suddenly, blatant video evidence isn’t enough for us to form opinion. Maybe I’m supposed to believe that the brakes possibly failed on this vehicle?
If, suddenly, legalism is a thing and there is a necessity to comply with legal and linguistic definition, I say “Rest in Peace, Ms. Heather Heyer. I salute you for the martyr you have sadly become.”
As I look, confused and concerned, at the bottom of this tea cup, I see a German Shepherd, tethered in a garden, behind a garden fence. It barks but the kids outside the fence still play. They laugh, taunt and are thoroughly entertained.
Sadly, though, this is 2017. Loud barking seems to count for so much, allowing for so much potential damage, socially, economically. These tea leaves almost predict the end, I feel…

Thoughts on What the Health Documentary.

It took 3 days to get through this documentary but I found it really informative and it wasn’t the dramatic conspiracy theory that I thought it would be. It’s available on Netflix and I’d advise everyone to take some time to watch it. My only regret is that I didn’t take notes.

I think my gravest concern, having watched this documentary, is that the people we should be able to trust are the ones who are knowingly killing us – and, yes, it is as real as that. The dairy, egg and meat industry, working in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical industry, knowingly feed us products that they know increase our risk of dying before our time. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Fed to us so we can run to the Pharmaceutical Industry, who take our hard-earned dollars, to treat diseases they have no intention of eradicating. In a nutshell, allowing you to die slowly (and sometimes painfully) is an important factor in the lining of pockets so deep that, if those pockets didn’t exist, the U.S. GDP INCREASE would equate to the 10th largest GDP country in the world. Wow!

Sticks and Stones

When I was bullied as a teen, I recited this toxic mantra day after day after day. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud, sometimes from behind a smile and sometimes through tears. I wish I knew then what I know now.

As stress blocks developed in my head, I repeated this phrase in my head in a way that resembled banging my head off a brick wall. In the end, I came out alright. For others, the outcome hasn’t been so great. Some haven’t seen their outcomes. They aren’t here anymore…

Be careful with your words. Speak life and Love wherever you can, whenever you can. In the end, we will all be judged, for every idle word that leaves our mouths…


Questions Regarding the Acid Attacks in London.

The acid attacks in London are pretty sickening. Permanently disfiguring someone for any reason is pretty brutal. Yet, I’m left asking the question of why there is such little camera evidence of these attacks when London is one of the world’s most surveilled cities? I’m not denying the attacks are happening. I’m just wondering how it is that they are happening away from the all-seeing eyes of the State.
I’m also curious as to where the acid is coming from. Victims speak of immediate burning. Acid that strong isn’t readily available over the counter and there doesn’t seem to be a spike in the purchasing of car batteries.

These are genuine questions. I’d be interested to hear answers.

Just some questions. What are your thoughts?

BBC News: Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow?

For the technology geeks. An interesting article. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-40594387

There is More to Hospitality than Giving of Food!

I came across this article and it got me thinking about how I used to give water and food to some of the homeless guys in Philadelphia, when I was Uber driving. I started to think about how we actually help people to stay in their current situation.
For example, giving a homeless person water, while they beg at the traffic lights, only serves to keep them cool and hydrated while they continue to beg. Wisdom, regarding strangers, will always prevail. However, what a homeless person really needs is hospitality. Someone that gives them a home to stay in, that can serve as a foothold while they re-introduce themselves back into society. Something that is actually expected of us as Christians…

You can read the article HERE


Featured Picture taken from http://www.gofundmission.org