Who is the real enemy?

A friend sent me this a few days ago. It’s the last McDonald’s meal she bought – in 2006, before she took up Personal Training!

It got me thinking, when I looked at it.
We so readily attack each other but we never take a stance against the systems in place that promote this crap to us.
Healthy debate and discussion is important and can be positive but it is possible to become blinkered by the people that like us to have our focus elsewhere.
McDonald’s food can keep for up to 12 years, untreated; Coca Cola is more acidic than hydrochloric acid. We’ll gladly pay for this while berating a man that protests the system who allows us to be fed with it.
We’ll accuse immigrants of stealing jobs and becoming a strain on resources but we’ll never unify and hold the Government to task over the Trillions of dollars that remain unaccounted for, leaving the country in insurmountable debt.
I feel that, socially, we have allowed ourselves to become bullies, picking the easy fights in the playground while the teachers steal our lunch…
Picture credit to Julia Jackson Hendricksen


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