BBC News: In pictures: The life of Diana, Princess of Wales

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: In pictures: The life of Diana, Princess of Wales -


Princess Diana: July 1st 1961 – August 31st 1997

I still remember waking up on the morning of the 31st August, back in '97 and switching the TV on. The first thing that struck me was that both presenters on GMTV were wearing black and it all seemed a little weird, until one of the presenters said, with a pretty plain voice, "We can... Continue Reading →

Breath of Ashes

When I hear leadership calling nations to war, while they stay in well guarded accommodations, I become frustrated. When I hear the uneducated calling for bombs to be dropped on countries they've never been to, on people they've never met, I just look on in dismay. Nobody wins. There is no retribution. There is only... Continue Reading →


Relationships remind me of deserts. They are vast and leave the travellers in awe. They can also be unforgiving and, if you enter into them, romantic and otherwise, with no direction, personally, they'll kill you. Dotted throughout the desert are oases of opportunity that allow relationships to grow. You can have an oasis of trust,... Continue Reading →

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