BBC News: In pictures: The life of Diana, Princess of Wales

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

In pictures: The life of Diana, Princess of Wales –


Princess Diana: July 1st 1961 – August 31st 1997

I still remember waking up on the morning of the 31st August, back in ’97 and switching the TV on. The first thing that struck me was that both presenters on GMTV were wearing black and it all seemed a little weird, until one of the presenters said, with a pretty plain voice, “We can confirm that the Princess is dead…”

It’s rare that I feel deeply for celebrities and public figures when they pass but I remember feeling numb for quite some time. Indeed, the whole of London had an sombre atmosphere of sorrow and heaviness for at least the following week, with small outbursts of anger being sprinkled in conspiracy theory. On the day of her funeral, London was deathly silent (Literally) and it wasn’t until some days later that I realized the impact her death had on a worldwide scale.

She was, as Tony Blair coined, the People’s Princess, though. I tend to think that she is one of only a few celebrities who’s death is overshadowed by their life. Nobody is perfect but, in the face of shunning from the Royal Family, infidelity of her husband and the constant hounding of the paparazzi, Princess Diana did a damn good job of holding herself together with the elegance and class that surpassed that of the aristocratic mess she mixed with.

The world remains a darker place without her… *cue Elton John*


Breath of Ashes

When I hear leadership calling nations to war, while they stay in well guarded accommodations, I become frustrated. When I hear the uneducated calling for bombs to be dropped on countries they’ve never been to, on people they’ve never met, I just look on in dismay.

Nobody wins. There is no retribution. There is only death and heartache. Ask those that tend the graves of their lost loved ones. Ask a soldier what he thinks of war as he dies from trauma and blood loss. Ask a child what they think of war now that they are blinded from a bomb entering their home.

Then try to find audience with the person who called the nation to war. Ask for a one-to-one audience with the person who speaks on your behalf. It never has happened and never will.



Relationships remind me of deserts. They are vast and leave the travellers in awe. They can also be unforgiving and, if you enter into them, romantic and otherwise, with no direction, personally, they’ll kill you.

Dotted throughout the desert are oases of opportunity that allow relationships to grow. You can have an oasis of trust, you can have an oasis of Love. There are many oases throughout the desert of relationship that, when plunged into, with the right person, bring refreshment to the relationship and prevent stagnation in the fervent heat of life.

Plunging into these oases requires the overcoming of fear and the acceptance of vulnerability. You lay yourself and your intentions bare, pretty much skinny-dipping, through situations and circumstance. When you arise from these situations, bonds are closer or, sometimes, severed. For the bonds made stronger, your position in the other person’s life is a lot clearer, which makes you more secure.