Thoughts on What the Health Documentary.

It took 3 days to get through this documentary but I found it really informative and it wasn’t the dramatic conspiracy theory that I thought it would be. It’s available on Netflix and I’d advise everyone to take some time to watch it. My only regret is that I didn’t take notes.

I think my gravest concern, having watched this documentary, is that the people we should be able to trust are the ones who are knowingly killing us – and, yes, it is as real as that. The dairy, egg and meat industry, working in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical industry, knowingly feed us products that they know increase our risk of dying before our time. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Fed to us so we can run to the Pharmaceutical Industry, who take our hard-earned dollars, to treat diseases they have no intention of eradicating. In a nutshell, allowing you to die slowly (and sometimes painfully) is an important factor in the lining of pockets so deep that, if those pockets didn’t exist, the U.S. GDP INCREASE would equate to the 10th largest GDP country in the world. Wow!


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