Two of My Brothers Doing Well for Themselves…

On the left, Marcus Browne, who plays for the West Ham U23s. He spent some time of this past season (2016/17) playing for Wigan Athletic and my heart was in my mouth when he missed THAT chance against Manchester United in their F.A. Cup match.

Since the age of 8, I’ve watched Marcus grow and develop. From running around on Greenfields park, in the rain, to where he is now. He is a tireless worker and dedicated to his craft. I find his story of “Work for what you want” to be one of the most inspiring I’ve ever come across. I’m proud to call him my brother, and not just due to his success. I’m proud because his journey has epitomised everything I believe to be true. He is loving, kind, giving and dedicated to taking himself to the next level.

On the right, Asher Robinson (TateMae). Asher is a DJ and a representative of the Yours Mine Ours (YMO) event brand. I’m yet to make an event that he plays at, due to living in another country but it’s a privilege to have been able to follow his story from the beginning.

I still remember laughing as Asher attempted mixing tunes together, dropping clangers as a child would dropping pots and pans while learning to navigate a kitchen. Fast forward a year or two and I shared a SoundCloud mix with several friends who were taken by his creativity and clean-cut transitions. Like Marcus, Asher is another testament to hard work paying off. I’ve watched his name go from the bottom of flyers, often mentioned at the end, to headlining at large events. Again, it’s a proud moment to say, “That’s my brother”!




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