Lightning Within

There are many occasions where I have been frustrated with my output. Upset with my shortcomings and upset with the negativity I have brought into the lives of others. Upset at not producing in the roles I play, titles I have been given and a lack of fulfilment of my purpose.

Many years later, I’ve come to realize that physical life is a tangible representation of a spiritual backdrop. A black and white setting, where the rules of operation have already been mapped out. If you learn and understand the rules, you can traverse this backdrop with efficiency. Problems occur when you allow yourself to become a resistance. For example, fuelling yourself with dead food and expecting to be a bundle of energy and life or surrounding yourself with people who have no want for growth or development whilst wanting to be a budding entrepreneur. Happiness and positivity can only be experienced when we realize and accept that our output is a result of our input.

For me, I want to become Love. It has meant a change in how I eat, the people I am around, the people I interact with and a whole host of other things. As a result, even though I still deal with the consequences of my past, I am much happier with the lightning within.


Picture credit to FlukieW of DeviantArt


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