LOVE was my motivation. To become Love is my journey

HUMILITY became my work ethic. It isn’t about me. It’s about being an example, a role model, for my friends, family and anyone I come across. It’s about those that support and inspire me. It’s about the Grace and Mercy allotted to me by the God I serve. Ultimately, it is about Him.

GRATITUDE is in every footsteps of progress. I just can’t do it alone. I’m not where I am today by my own efforts alone. There are countless others to thank. I celebrate in them and am ever indebted to those who know who they are. Thank you so much…



BBC News: Philando Castile death: Police officer found not guilty

The officer was cleared of second-degree manslaughter and a charge of intentional discharge. Having seen several videos last year, I’d ask what would have had to happen for these charges to stand. He was discharged by the police force so they saw something wrong. What is it that the courts disagree with? Strange (I use the term lightly, in the place of ‘dubious’) situation and sad waste of lives.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Philando Castile death: Police officer found not guilty –

Southall stabbing: Young man ‘has throat slit’ by knifeman in busy west London shopping street – Evening Standard Article

*sighs and buries head in hands* Can the madness in London stop for 5 minutes please?! Thankfully, the boy survived.

The Love of Men: Ability vs. Opportunity

Very few will understand. There is distinct difference between not being able to Love and not being given an opportunity to demonstrate that I DO Love but cannot show it for reasons beyond my control.

Very few will understand what it’s like to have stifled Love or Love that has to be displayed within set parameters for a greater good. Very few will understand that there are real men among us who look on, from behind a glacier of no emotion, wishing they could have that one chance to Love.


McGreggor vs. Mayweather: All About the Money.

It has always bugged me, how greed and a want for money has taken over sport. Not to say that money has never had a say. It’s just that, now, it can happen on a whim and it isn’t localized to small, dark corners and dingy, smoke-filled taverns. The acceptance of money and fame, and not character and competition, defining stars has brought (bought?) us to a place where spectators and sportsmen alike will salivate over garbage, sold as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The simple fact here is that Mayweather, as good a sportsman as he is, picks his fights (Or has his fights picked) very carefully and McGreggor is about to step into an event that sees him at the total opposite end of the ability spectrum to Mayweather. This isn’t about sporting ability and there isn’t, in honesty, anything personal between these two fighters, to allow a single ounce of passion to be injected into this spectacle.

Going forwards, I see two puppets being mastered by people and institutions that stand to make a LOT of money. The only thing that will be the long-standing discussion of this spectacle.


BBC News: Steve Scalise shooting: The moment baseball gunman opens fire

I hope Steve Scalise pulls through from this. People really need to cool off.

I guess a question to ask of the media, though, is how the term ‘terrorism’ has reserved caveats for itself. We suddenly need to find out all the facts before the word is thrown out there when the term is clearly defined in most dictionaries and understood by most cultures. I wonder how today’s reporting of this incident would have gone had the ‘gunman’s’ name been Mohammed. I wonder if the term ‘gunman’s would even have been used?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Steve Scalise shooting: The moment baseball gunman opens fire –