They Want Me Back!

The subtle messages of The Joker run deep. He and I were the same in many ways.

In my blog yesterday, I mentioned that it is important to remember that we all have a past. Our love eclipses our past but doesn’t eradicate it. We then bathe in the spotlight, created by the corona of humility. I stand in this spotlight daily. I’m no great man. I just want to become Love.

The eclipse signifies a change in character. Our character, in turn, drives the one thing that doesn’t change. Our personality. My personality is still the same. Hard working, competitive, protective, etc.

What is important is this. If you are one to test someone who is trying to eclipse their past, in order to become something better, you run the risk of the past character driving the ever-present personality. If someone guards themselves, and their relationships, in Love, the display of behaviour is different from someone who guards themselves, and their relationships, with an absence of Love.

Be wary how you cast your dice, therefore, because the house may not look pretty if it wins.



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