A Random Thought on Eating Meat.

They say you are what you eat and, just recently, I pondered over the eating of meat.

I’m far from being a vegetarian and I’m somewhat inclined to find myself munching on curry goat and stew beef from time to time. However, I’ve been thinking lately that maybe meat needs to go. My intake has greatly reduced over the past 2 months or so but maybe it’s time to call it quits.

Meat isn’t necessary for human consumption. Indeed, we aren’t even designed to have it as regular intake for fuel. My thoughts, though, go a little deeper than that.

If we are what we eat, could it be that relying on something that is dead to fuel ourselves makes us dead too? Science tells us that you can’t make something from nothing. I would have to say then, unless every meal is a miracle, dead food cannot provide the energy to live. Deep? Maybe. But that’s how I’m seeing it.

When we eat meat, our bones are required to break down to balance the acidic proteins that we find in meat. This is a process that should be kept for our immune system and not as a band aid treatment for our pleasure eating.

ALL vegetation is living food, literally. It reproduces itself and works with the body’s systems as opposed to bogging them down with excess calories.

Starches are complex sugars and slow-burning fuel. These should be the basis of our diets, with other fruits and vegetables used for immediate energy requirements, vitamins and minerals (Although, vitamin B-12 aside, a potato contains a complete spectrum of required vitamins to survive).

Am I about to become a vegetarian? I’ve been heading in the direction for a while but who knows? I just wanted to share food for thought…(pun intended!)


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