The Back of Love is the Darkest Place of Existence.

When Love comes to you, the worst thing you can do is reject it. You can use Love to guide it in another direction but to simply negate it or, worse, to spite it is to commit emotional and psychological suicide.

To guide Love is to appreciate the gift but admit you aren’t ready to receive it. To spite Love is to take the gift and refuse the giver.

As one grows in Love, ultimately, they learn to Love themselves. When this happens, a realization of self-worth is discovered and an understanding that your worth should be adhered to. When Love decides to turn its back on the spiteful, self-hurt and self-harm are the only immediate lights available to see in the dark. Until Love chooses the spiteful again, Life is a dark, meaningless and toxic mirror.

Cherish the Love you are given.



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