You Can Learn to Express Love in Other Ways.

In that we often associate Love with behaviour, we often miss the fact that Love is a standard with many facets of behaviour. The governing systems of the world understand this and, so, promote right to exhibit behaviour, as opposed to the right to adhere to a standard. This makes us easy to predict and control and gives us a tunnel vision of what Love really is, as we only understand it from a single perspective. They steal from us the knowledge of realizing we can learn ALL facets of Love, so long as we see it as a standard, that we have been created with, acting as a behaviour inhibitor because to be Love is to submit to the good and right of others. If we came to this understanding as humanity, governance of a man, by another man, wouldn’t be needed.

Because we cannot see a completion of Love, when our behaviour is inhibited in certain areas, we cease to believe in Love and begin to walk the lonely road of pride, hate and servitude to the system. We become The Joker.



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