Brakes, Rotors and Coca Cola?!

Another question is, who in their right mind pushes to make sales from the physical debilitation of other humans? Is terrorism relative…?



It really is amazing what people put inside their body and the extent of how willingly we destroy our bodies didn’t hit me until the day I ventured, for the first time, to change the brakes and rotors on my car.


In the picture, above, I am on the left and my friend, Tristan, is on the right. He was helping me on my first-time venture.

Underneath the axle, you’ll see a bin filled with a black liquid. The liquid is a combination of rust and road-gunk, removed from the axle, IN LESS THAN A MINUTE, mixed with Coca Cola!

Initially, the rotor was well and truly rusted on to the axle. We had tried hitting it with a mallet, WD-40 and we even tried using the rotor as a jacking point in an attempt to release the rotor from the axle. We were ready to take the car to the garage.

I’d seen several videos of Coca Cola removing rust in different situations but social media is a thing, isn’t it? I suggested that it could be worth the $2 if it saves the cost of the garage replacing the parts for me.
We went to CVS and bought a 2L bottle of Coca Cola and poured 1L of it behind the rotor. There was loud fizzing and, initially, the liquid concoction ran on the floor before we caught it in a plastic bin. Less than a minute later, hoping but not expecting, I gave the rotor two hits of the mallet. The rotor popped free and came off without issue. Crazy!

I’m not a doctor so I am not qualified to give the exact scientific breakdown of what Coca Cola does to the body. You can feel free to click on this LINK¬†and read an article from

Not being a doctor doesn’t exclude me from being a healthy human being, capable of drawing conclusion and creating opinion so my thought is pretty simple. I don’t need to put a liquid inside me that degrades heavy rust and grime on a car axle in seconds! Further, having experienced what I did, what does it make me to give a young child the same liquid? Another question is, who in their right mind pushes to make sales from the physical debilitation of other humans? Is terrorism relative…?


They Want Me Back!

The subtle messages of The Joker run deep. He and I were the same in many ways.

In my blog yesterday, I mentioned that it is important to remember that we all have a past. Our love eclipses our past but doesn’t eradicate it. We then bathe in the spotlight, created by the corona of humility. I stand in this spotlight daily. I’m no great man. I just want to become Love.

The eclipse signifies a change in character. Our character, in turn, drives the one thing that doesn’t change. Our personality. My personality is still the same. Hard working, competitive, protective, etc.

What is important is this. If you are one to test someone who is trying to eclipse their past, in order to become something better, you run the risk of the past character driving the ever-present personality. If someone guards themselves, and their relationships, in Love, the display of behaviour is different from someone who guards themselves, and their relationships, with an absence of Love.

Be wary how you cast your dice, therefore, because the house may not look pretty if it wins.


Eclipse of the Past is not Eradication of the Past.

I’m learning, as I understand what it is to become Love, that your past doesn’t leave you. The memories, the lessons, past words and actions. They are all still there. Love becomes the eclipse to put the past into a shadowy perspective. The corona produced, though, puts us in the spotlight of humility. No matter how much we change and no matter the heady heights we reach, our ascension has been from somewhere and should be remembered.

Love, operating in a spotlight of humility, is a beautiful thing.