Prepare for your Journey.

Regardless of how strong-willed you may be, support is a necessary thing. Keep your support of the same mindset and hold on to tried and tested friendships because you never know when you'll need them. @geminidimension


We Were Designed to Succeed.

Whenever you find yourself in a problematic situation. Whenever you find yourself faced with the sheer face of a mountain; Pause, take thought and remain believing in yourself. We were designed to succeed. Stay consistent and persistent as you take the calculated steps to your victory. You've got this! @geminidimension

Gotta Look Out for the Quiet Ones.

I've always been pretty quiet and I most certainly don't look my age so, to look at, you wouldn't necessarily assume that, for years, I worked (and am still working) on controlling my temper. For years I spent time and effort understanding myself and allowed myself to be disappointed in myself, in a society that... Continue Reading →

Love: Tried, Tested, Proven, Shaping…

When you meet 'the one', falling in love can be instantaneous, even if it is a subconscious act. Love is a timeless standard and can, therefore, be entered into (and exited from!) at any given time. I liken falling in love to blossoming flowers. Beautiful, pleasing. However, falling in love is temporary. Not to say... Continue Reading →

Failed Leadership

When a man feels productive, he will happily continue to produce. When a group of people are directed to a definite point, they will naturally group together to reach the goal. Leaders set examples to followers. Managers dictate what the example should be, in perspective of a set direction. When the destination constantly changes and... Continue Reading →

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