We Were Designed to Succeed.

Whenever you find yourself in a problematic situation. Whenever you find yourself faced with the sheer face of a mountain; Pause, take thought and remain believing in yourself. We were designed to succeed.

Stay consistent and persistent as you take the calculated steps to your victory. You’ve got this!



Gotta Look Out for the Quiet Ones.

I’ve always been pretty quiet and I most certainly don’t look my age so, to look at, you wouldn’t necessarily assume that, for years, I worked (and am still working) on controlling my temper. For years I spent time and effort understanding myself and allowed myself to be disappointed in myself, in a society that promotes the idea of us always being right. I allowed myself to come to terms with the ugly inside and worked a plan to eradicate ugly from my life.

I’ve grown in Love and I’m working towards perfection. In that I’m still working, I am not yet perfect. I’m still being perfected and shaped to the standard I hold myself to, like clay on a potter’s wheel.

There are occasions when individuals assess my quiet face and quiet demeanour, believing I’m someone that can be taken advantage of. These individuals often realize that the saying is true, “It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for.”!

Journeying to Love and Purpose and seeking to perfect myself, according to a standard that isn’t me or of me doesn’t change my personality. It changes the perspective of my character. I’m still extremely passionate and I’m still very competitive. I’m also protective of me and mine and I think it’s this that people should understand about a man who seeks to better himself.


Love: Tried, Tested, Proven, Shaping…

When you meet ‘the one’, falling in love can be instantaneous, even if it is a subconscious act. Love is a timeless standard and can, therefore, be entered into (and exited from!) at any given time.

I liken falling in love to blossoming flowers. Beautiful, pleasing. However, falling in love is temporary. Not to say it is a bad thing but flowers are not apt for relationships. I remember, one time, debating with my girlfriend and buying her flowers to smooth things over (I’m actually a big softie!). Months later, we are still here. The flowers couldn’t last this long, though. We added them to mulch put back. They served a purpose and they were invested into something of more longevity.

Pearls, though, are a thing. I place them over diamonds in terms of their value and see them as more synonymous with what Love really is. I also believe that this is why they were used in the Gospels, where we are told to not cast our pearls before swine, as opposed to gold or diamonds.

A diamond is formed in a safe, secure surrounding. There is dormancy and, to all intents and purposes, there is nothing too special (by comparison) about its creation or extraction.

Pearls, on the other hand, are created through persistence, consistency and amid a testing environment, in order to remove impurity. Time increases the beauty of the product. Exactly how Love is worked between two people that Love each other.

There has to be a persistence. Relationships of any kind can’t grow without work. Whether it be giving a friend money or working through tough times with your partner. You have to put into the box you want to take from.

There has to be consistency. Sometime-ish effort will bring sometime-ish results and a stable home cannot be built on an unstable foundation.

Love will always be tested, in order to be proven. This allows for growth and prevents relationships from becoming stagnant.

Over time, Love forms precious pearls. Real Love resides beyond the flower bed, on the sea bed.


Learning to let go of the Opinions of the Sheep.

“A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep” – George R. R. Martin

Today, I realized that I need to look above the little things. The temporary things. The things that just aren’t meant for me. I need to look beyond temporary people. People that are not there to effect my purpose but can watch me head there. Today, I realized that in loving myself and effecting my purpose, I can’t be afraid of losing anything or anyone. As long as I fear these things, my standard remains compromised and not mine and, further, where there is fear, Love and Purpose cannot operate. Christ cannot operate. I’m merely choosing to remain fearful and unhappy.

Thankfully, I’m one to learn lessons quickly and so plans to not be in this same classroom ever again are underway. I’m thankful for lessons in patience and building patiently and I’m thankful for the lessons in Love that have brought me to where I am and to where I’m going. I’ll remain ever indebted to my educators.

There is a humbling feeling when operating in Love. There is no room for ego and definitely no room for fear. But, rather, a diminishing of the two, making way for faith that grows to be confidence and confidence that grows to be humble successes, that should always remain testimonies. Footholds and lamps for those on the same path, as opposed to pedestals built for ourselves. So climb a little higher, towards your purpose, my friend, to gain a clearer vision of your purpose and how to get there.


Failed Leadership

When a man feels productive, he will happily continue to produce. When a group of people are directed to a definite point, they will naturally group together to reach the goal.

Leaders set examples to followers. Managers dictate what the example should be, in perspective of a set direction.

When the destination constantly changes and always seems uncertain, leaders operate on assumption and seemingly have no standard. When a leader has no standard, the followers are forced to create their own.

The result of said debacle? The followers are punished for being the islands they were forced to be.

When a man is blamed for situations out of his control, he responds in one of three ways: He revolts, he conforms or he walks away.

In environments and societies where this chain of events is the norm, imagine if all the little islands decided to simply walk away from this toxicity? In a legalistic society, where we seek to blame, all eyes would rest on poor management and failed leadership.


To Love is to Lose Yourself

Love and Purpose are the beginning of all things. They are entities and standards all of their own and, therefore, the journey to them is already mapped out. They don’t move or change; they simply wait to be chosen.

The journey may not always be comfortable and it may not always be what you want it to be. There are lessons to learn in straying from the path but Love and Purpose reward you like nothing else ever will. There is a constant undertone of happiness and a constant knowledge of everything being alright, even in seeming harsh times. All I need do is continue to pray, fast and take just one step of faith at a time.

These journeys aren’t always easy but they are always a must.


I Feel They Want a Showdown…

We’ll never know why Mr. Stephens snapped and we’ll never know what went through his mind since being on the run. Mr. Stephens is already a dead man walking and I think it’s sad that the system operates this way. As soon as this man has a chance to share his mind, he’ll be shut down by a hail of bullets, I feel.

Every man should face the consequence of his actions and if death is the consequence, so be it. However, it’s how the consequence is brought into being that has me feeling somewhat dubious of the intentions of the system. I honestly feel that this situation is synonymous with fox-hunting. A sick sport.

According to Ford’s website and a little look on Car Gurus, Newer Ford Fusions come with GPS as standard. EVERY mobile phone can be tracked as well as the activity on it monitored. In a world where Big Data wins presidencies, Someone somewhere knows Mr. Stephens’ exact whereabouts. Yet, he still remains on the streets, causing mass hysteria as the media sink their teeth into the drama, propagating their own agenda; and the gear wheels of social media spin into action, as opinion and keyboard warriors buckle up for the ride.

I can’t help but feel that this situation is being played out for a big showdown. I feel they want to make an example of Mr. Stephens, instead of capturing him and allowing him to face justice.

Mr. Stephens needs to face the full force of the law for shooting an innocent man in the head and sharing it on social media. However the execution of law and the execution of a wild animal are two different things.

Just my thoughts.