Gotta Look Out for the Quiet Ones.

I’ve always been pretty quiet and I most certainly don’t look my age so, to look at, you wouldn’t necessarily assume that, for years, I worked (and am still working) on controlling my temper. For years I spent time and effort understanding myself and allowed myself to be disappointed in myself, in a society that promotes the idea of us always being right. I allowed myself to come to terms with the ugly inside and worked a plan to eradicate ugly from my life.

I’ve grown in Love and I’m working towards perfection. In that I’m still working, I am not yet perfect. I’m still being perfected and shaped to the standard I hold myself to, like clay on a potter’s wheel.

There are occasions when individuals assess my quiet face and quiet demeanour, believing I’m someone that can be taken advantage of. These individuals often realize that the saying is true, “It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for.”!

Journeying to Love and Purpose and seeking to perfect myself, according to a standard that isn’t me or of me doesn’t change my personality. It changes the perspective of my character. I’m still extremely passionate and I’m still very competitive. I’m also protective of me and mine and I think it’s this that people should understand about a man who seeks to better himself.



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