Love: Tried, Tested, Proven, Shaping…

When you meet ‘the one’, falling in love can be instantaneous, even if it is a subconscious act. Love is a timeless standard and can, therefore, be entered into (and exited from!) at any given time.

I liken falling in love to blossoming flowers. Beautiful, pleasing. However, falling in love is temporary. Not to say it is a bad thing but flowers are not apt for relationships. I remember, one time, debating with my girlfriend and buying her flowers to smooth things over (I’m actually a big softie!). Months later, we are still here. The flowers couldn’t last this long, though. We added them to mulch put back. They served a purpose and they were invested into something of more longevity.

Pearls, though, are a thing. I place them over diamonds in terms of their value and see them as more synonymous with what Love really is. I also believe that this is why they were used in the Gospels, where we are told to not cast our pearls before swine, as opposed to gold or diamonds.

A diamond is formed in a safe, secure surrounding. There is dormancy and, to all intents and purposes, there is nothing too special (by comparison) about its creation or extraction.

Pearls, on the other hand, are created through persistence, consistency and amid a testing environment, in order to remove impurity. Time increases the beauty of the product. Exactly how Love is worked between two people that Love each other.

There has to be a persistence. Relationships of any kind can’t grow without work. Whether it be giving a friend money or working through tough times with your partner. You have to put into the box you want to take from.

There has to be consistency. Sometime-ish effort will bring sometime-ish results and a stable home cannot be built on an unstable foundation.

Love will always be tested, in order to be proven. This allows for growth and prevents relationships from becoming stagnant.

Over time, Love forms precious pearls. Real Love resides beyond the flower bed, on the sea bed.



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