Failed Leadership

When a man feels productive, he will happily continue to produce. When a group of people are directed to a definite point, they will naturally group together to reach the goal.

Leaders set examples to followers. Managers dictate what the example should be, in perspective of a set direction.

When the destination constantly changes and always seems uncertain, leaders operate on assumption and seemingly have no standard. When a leader has no standard, the followers are forced to create their own.

The result of said debacle? The followers are punished for being the islands they were forced to be.

When a man is blamed for situations out of his control, he responds in one of three ways: He revolts, he conforms or he walks away.

In environments and societies where this chain of events is the norm, imagine if all the little islands decided to simply walk away from this toxicity? In a legalistic society, where we seek to blame, all eyes would rest on poor management and failed leadership.



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