I Feel They Want a Showdown…

We’ll never know why Mr. Stephens snapped and we’ll never know what went through his mind since being on the run. Mr. Stephens is already a dead man walking and I think it’s sad that the system operates this way. As soon as this man has a chance to share his mind, he’ll be shut down by a hail of bullets, I feel.

Every man should face the consequence of his actions and if death is the consequence, so be it. However, it’s how the consequence is brought into being that has me feeling somewhat dubious of the intentions of the system. I honestly feel that this situation is synonymous with fox-hunting. A sick sport.

According to Ford’s website and a little look on Car Gurus, Newer Ford Fusions come with GPS as standard. EVERY mobile phone can be tracked as well as the activity on it monitored. In a world where Big Data wins presidencies, Someone somewhere knows Mr. Stephens’ exact whereabouts. Yet, he still remains on the streets, causing mass hysteria as the media sink their teeth into the drama, propagating their own agenda; and the gear wheels of social media spin into action, as opinion and keyboard warriors buckle up for the ride.

I can’t help but feel that this situation is being played out for a big showdown. I feel they want to make an example of Mr. Stephens, instead of capturing him and allowing him to face justice.

Mr. Stephens needs to face the full force of the law for shooting an innocent man in the head and sharing it on social media. However the execution of law and the execution of a wild animal are two different things.

Just my thoughts.



10 thoughts on “I Feel They Want a Showdown…

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  1. I Agree with your opinion, but my symphathy is with the victim and family right now. It saddens me That a innocent elderly man was gunned down in cold blood by a Man who didn’t get his way with his girlfriend. It Awful.

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  2. It’s funny how the news and the cops act as if he’s the only criminal on the street. Yeah he’s a known criminal now and he should be found, but there are so many unknown criminals on the streets. We just don’t see them 😐 couldn’t the police track the car down? It all doesn’t make sense to me. It’s 2017… not the 1800s…

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