Understand Seemingly Dark Hearts.

When a man commits murder, he is thrown into jail or executed. When we accuse a country of supporting terrorism, we bomb them. We monitor and apply surveillance to the movements of a sociopath, ready for the moment they step out of line and then we punish them. When our children misbehave, we discipline them. We have become a society that focuses on punishing a straying from Love rather than promoting the health and wealth that exists in remaining the loving creatures we were born as. At the end of the day, Adolf Hitler was once a bundle of joy in his mother’s arms, Ted Bundy gurgled and laughed as an infant. The terrorist, detonating himself, once fell and cried as he learned to walk. Pedophiles and sociopaths of every kind ALL once loved unconditionally. Yet, we seem to forget this.

Don’t get me wrong, every man should face the consequence of his own actions but, if war is escalating and if our prisons are filling to overflowing, there is something inherently wrong. There is a serious flaw in the status quo that we so vehemently protect.

We SPEND so much time, effort and money punishing those that become perfect products of our flawed system but fail to see the the benefit of INVESTING those things to remove the flaws that cause, and allow, hate and malice to coax Loving individuals away from the health and wealth of love.

Allotting Love to all people isn’t easy but it is a must.



One thought on “Understand Seemingly Dark Hearts.

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  1. “Allotting Love to all people isn’t easy but it is a must” – It definitely is!

    People often underestimate the power of love! Reminds me of this quote!

    You need Power, only when you want to do something harmful otherwise. Love is enough to get everything done.” ― Charlie Chaplin.


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