Food Chronicles. Rant Alert!

A Facebook entry from earlier today. Loud eating really grips me! Side note, however. This is totally lighthearted and, as much as it bothers me, the referred to in this is a good guy!

Captain’s Log. Star Date: Doesn’t matter because this guy is chewing again!
You know, sometimes, I look up and, behold! The veil between heaven and earth is drawn back and the Lord looks down on me, to remind me that the end of the world is not yet nigh!
The chewing is so juicy, I start to panic. I could swear, for that one brief moment in time, that I am scuba diving, hunting for the Red October. Then there is the crunching of nuts and carrots. I honestly believe I have developed the empathy needed for those facing a firing squad. BANG! BANG! BANG! I shouldn’t leave the workplace with PTSD, as a result of extreme mastication in the office, people. This is tragic…


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