Lessons In Love: Relationships Over Money And A View From The River Dock Cafe, NY

Anyone seeing the interaction between Matthew and Myself this past Sunday (19th March 2017) would never have believed we hadn't seen each other in 22 years. The last time we saw each other, we were teenagers. This time, two grown men met in New York City for lunch at the River Dock Cafe, within the... Continue Reading →


Letter To #hurtbae

The truth is, Ms. Jorge, you are one of many. One of many to have swallowed the bitter pill, given during one of Love's real lessons. You may not be chosen.

Food Chronicles. Rant Alert!

A Facebook entry from earlier today. Loud eating really grips me! Side note, however. This is totally lighthearted and, as much as it bothers me, the referred to in this is a good guy! Captain's Log. Star Date: Doesn't matter because this guy is chewing again! You know, sometimes, I look up and, behold! The... Continue Reading →

Breaking Free…

I wanna run to the bright lights of my future so I'm seeding my past, through ink, to this paper. Allowing eternity to run its tongue along the edge, strike the lighter and blow my past sins into vapour

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