One Day, We’ll See It’s Us And Not Them…

I was reading an article, found in The Guardian, speaking of the levels of pollution humans are causing to the depths of the ocean. A place we know less about than the surface of the moon. A can of Spam and a can of Budweiser among contents discovered on the slopes leading down towards the Sirena Deep. Just like space, we don’t even need to be there to demonstrate how destructive we are as a species.

You know, I really find it mind-boggling at times, how much time we spend and to what extent we go to point the finger at each other, blaming each other for not being allowed to live out our feelings as reality. “I should be allowed to do this”, “I should be allowed to say that”, “I should be allowed to be this way” and “I should be allowed to be that way”, and the whole time we spend pointing the finger at someone else, we contribute to the destruction of this place we are supposed to call home. To the point, we are damaging and polluting places of beauty we’ll never actually get to see with our own eyes. Maybe we need to build walls around ourselves. Not to keep destruction out, but to keep destruction in and contained.

We talk of peace but spend billions on the perfecting of nuclear weapons. We blame people coming in for our problems and then have the audacity to reside, unwanted, in their countries. All the while boasting of of how great our country is and how great we are as people, while those we speak to look on and wonder how that’s possible when our message is delivered from the safe end of a rifle. We spend billions on band-aid fixes to ever-growing problems, like pollution, because global extinction shouldn’t be a thing to stop us having what we want. As time marches on to an inevitable end, the majority of society live with their heads in the sands of their own perceived happiness because the enjoyment of here and now is more important than the survival of those around us and the generations that will follow. Our support for good causes always seems virtual. Taps on pictures and Like buttons and interestingly, the majority of protests we see promoted now have switched from “We need…” to “We want…”

“I want a reality based on how I feel now, and I shouldn’t have to work or wait for it.” Don’t we associate this behaviour with toddlers? What does that say about our current state of social development?

“They” aren’t the problem. “We” are the problem.

Photograph Credit – A container of Spam rests at 4,947 meters on the slopes of a canyon leading to the Sirena Deep in the Mariana trench. Photograph: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration


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