Is The Sun Electric? An Interesting Theory

Coming to a realization that the presence of God is like that of plasma (Ezekiel 1:4 et al), and understanding, from Genesis 1-2 that he somewhat ‘birthed’ creation from himself, I found this video to be very interesting.

Biblical scholar, Doug Hamp and SAFIRE Project scientist Dr. Ken Wheeler discuss the theory of an electric universe.

For the non-believer, this is astounding scientific theory, well-presented and supported. From a believer’s perspective, this is an awesome perspective of how God and Creation fit in to scientific theory quite comfortably. I often feel that, as Christians, we tend to lean towards refuting scientific theory without seeing, or attempting to understand, where our beliefs, scientific theory and the natural universe actually marry up.
On the flip-side of the same coin, Dr. Wheeler makes a good point. An electric sun is a well-tested theory that supports, from a scientific perspective, a 6-Day Creation, regardless of how that creation came about. For me, Biblical testimony and scientific theory marry up here to support my belief. Not just regarding Creation but also regarding the physical existence of God and His presence.

When watching this video or commenting, keep in mind that this video is a scientific video and not a discussion of morality. Watch/Comment accordingly! 🙂


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