Marcus Browne: A Moment To Show Some Sibling Love…

I’m sure my brother would like to tell his own story so I won’t be going too deep but there comes a time when credit has to be given where credit is due.

As an athlete myself, it was easy to see Marcus’ dedication from the very beginning of what would become his football career. Our mum spoke to me on the phone one rainy evening, as I sat on my bed, while based at JSU Northwood, complaining that he wouldn’t apply himself. I took the moment to explain that self-application will always be personal the individual applying themselves but consequence of this application will always be common. Also, it is impossible to be bad at something you love. Even if the end result is not be as good as another, by comparison. He may have been lackadaisical at times and he may have moaned at others but the simple fact was, come rain, shine, last minute changes and cancellations, Marcus would be on a grass pitch, somewhere, kicking a ball. Not just as and when required but pretty much ALL the time. You can’t teach passion. You can only tap into it and act accordingly.

Watching my young brother make smart decisions, regarding his future, with our mum’s dedication (A true ‘soccer mum’, by the way!) brought a raised eyebrow from time to time, as I began to share in his passion and allowed it to develop into expectation of him and his success. Seeing him execute his craft for 90 minutes, on a TV screen, and replaying THAT moment he almost scored against the world’s biggest football club, on YouTube (View from 9mins 45secs), just can’t do justice to the hard work he has put in to get where he is now. I know, first-hand, it hasn’t been a walk in the park. But that’s his story to tell.

This moment, I just wanna take some time out to salute my little bro, Marcus Browne. The potential for a footballing great is in his heart and the ability to get there is in his head. He may never be able to test me in the squat rack (tongue in cheek!) but the machine is definitely in good shape! Expect great things!



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