President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants

You can read the article, from the U.K.’s The Independent newspaper here.

I would like to pose a question, regarding this article.

According to an article I read last year, most ILLEGAL immigrants come to the States and end up going into farming and slave labour in the agricultural industry. A large percentage of the remainder find themselves working as slaves in the construction industry, as they do in the UK. As an illegal immigrant, it is virtually impossible to cheat the welfare system, without the help of a citizen (Usually the employer) and, having seen how some of these guys are kept on the tightest leash (first-person perspective), unable to ‘roam free’, I would say that crimes against citizens form such a small percentage that it would be almost unrecognizable when compared to all crimes committed by citizens, including crimes of frauding the State. After all, a little rational thinking allows us to see that no employer/owner of illegal immigrants wants them wreaking havoc among the local populous, do they? Gotta love the media for motivating the sleeping mind…
As a LEGAL immigrant, I can assure you coming to the States was one of the hardest processes I’ve ever had to traverse. A disjointed system, designed to make you jump through hoops, make you feel somewhat less than human as you hand over cash. In fact, if I hadn’t been studious, I’d have been out of pocket by between $1500 and $3000 but that’s for another conversation.
When I came here, in good faith, I was presented with the fact that, as a LEGAL immigrant, it could take between SIX MONTHS TO A YEAR to find stable employment. My first job was filling freezers in a commissary and then as a part-time security guard. It took me 6 months to find my first stable job. I came here with education and extensive employment history, including 8 years in the Royal Air Force. That’s the reality of being an immigrant. Not the open arms and handouts many believe we get.
Keeping in mind the millennial generation now entering employment, other than a massive rise in fresh produce, where can you see this going? What man/woman from the millennial generation, is going to leave education or be able to pay a student loan by working on a farm or in the lower levels of the construction industry? And for the “Yeah but we can now focus on ‘us’ movement”, why not focus on ‘us’ now, seeing as ‘them’ form such a small percentage?

I also want to pose these questions to those in the UK, who blame immigration for collapse and a reason for Brexit. How many of the complainers out there are going to be willing to roll up their sleeves and fill the spaces left in cafés, construction, cash registers and the quiet corners of Commerce? Or are we all waiting for $/£50k jobs to fall in our laps?

*catches breath* Rant over!


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