Pets or Humans. Who do you trust?!

The lesson, first and foremost is, when you volunteer to give your opinions on the questions of Facebook friends, expect ANYTHING! LOL! Ric Anastasi, this one is for you!

You know, as much as the answer is going to be humans, I can’t help but see the relevance of pets. Why? Because, succeed or fail, they always try with you in mind. As a standard, that is genuine Love. You can’t beat or teach that!
Granted, I’m not necessarily going to rely on a pet to rescue me from a burning building, the robber at the ATM or being attacked by a monkey at the zoo but I can ALWAYS rely them to make me feel loved during those moments. You can feel the Love while obtaining 3rd degree burns. You can feel the Love while being robbed at gunpoint and you can feel the Love while an orangutan pounds you into a pulp. Strangely, in today’s society, this can actually be valid as a good state of mind. The world could be coming to an end but while Mincy purrs on my lap, I can pretend it’s not happening. Does this mean that pets can love us to death?! LOL!

I would say that the ultimate trust receptacle would be a human pet then but, I dunno. Those are also known as gimps and the idea of owning a gimp just doesn’t do anything for me! I’ll stick with humans and rely on being loved to death, by a pet, when it all goes wrong!

Hope that answers your question, Ric!


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