If I died tonight, how would you feel? What would be your lasting memory of me? The real truth is, tomorrow is never promised.

Your political argument cannot follow you beyond the grave.

My Facebook news feed slowly dries up of Ex-President Barack Obama and, to an extent, now becomes saturated with President Donald Trump. What I find ever so interesting is that, while debate begins over President Trump’s current policy, there is still discussion about Ex-President Obama’s relationships with his family and with his Vice-President. Having been in the world’s leading seat of power for 8 years, Ex-President Obama has left a lasting impression on the world, not of his policy, but of his relationship with his wife and his friend. Such a powerful message.

I’ve sat back for the past few days and watched how ‘friends’ have bickered and argued. I’ve heard of ‘friends’ parting ways in the virtual world because of disagreeing views on what is happening in the real world. A crazy fact is, though, 4, maybe 8 years from now, we’d have turned full circle as President Trump’s relationships with his family and with his friends become paramount conversation and his policies become a thing of the past as we herald in a new round of debate and debacle.
Thinking back, I can’t tell you much at all of past Presidents’ policies, excepting from a factual perspective. But I can tell you that Ex-President Obama loved his wife and I can tell you that Ex-President Clinton cheated on his wife, while convincingly lying to his voting supporters. Alongside his assassination, I can tell you that there may have been a little more than singspiration between Ex-President John. F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. In a nutshell, the only things I can tell you about Presidents past is in regard to their character and their relationships. Even though an immigrant, I believe I can speak for most Americans in this respect.

I know a gentleman that threw himself off an apartment block. In fact, I know two. Taking this information, we can delve into deep debate, as to whether suicide is right or wrong. Something we tend to do this day and age. We jump on actions, as opposed to trying to understand intent. Listening to to the madness of universities, wanting us to refer to each other with gender-less titles, I see a society that, for some reason or other, sees a necessity in seeing ourselves as something other than what we are (Reverting to our spiritual base, maybe?). Not wanting to differentiate between right and wrong but always seeing ourselves as right. Because of this, we are confused by passion and confused by actions of extremity, good or bad. Why? Because we cannot rationalize the act. Why? Because it isn’t us. We have lost the ability to develop relationships and have become a society that lacks empathy and Love. Love has become a word of convenience. Void of passion, void of empathy. As hollow as the persons that often use it the most.
I know a gentleman that threw himself off an apartment block. In fact, I know two. Both were acts of passion and cries for help. Because I have come to appreciate the importance of relationships (I haven’t always seen the importance.), I can appreciate how they felt. I can see what drove them to bring their lives to a close. It wasn’t a statement. They honestly believed that the better outcome would see them removed from the equation. Relationships last beyond the physical end. As does character, which drives intent.

In the ‘developed’ world, using ‘developed’ in the most sarcastic sense, and in the world where said ‘developed’ world is the standard of life, we are taught that legalism and politics dictate legacy, even though it is so easy to see that merely being right and wrong isn’t something you can take beyond your last breath. We are taught that if you have more than the person in front of you, you are the set standard and we are prompted to being convinced that our legacy will be of more significance. But let me ask you this. For all the wealth the Rothschild family possess, what keeps us intrigued? It can’t be the wealth. The wealth is on show for all to see and, if you can’t physically see it, Google will always be your friend. The truth is, we’d all like to see how they live. Their character and their relationships. A Google search for ‘rothschild wealth’ gives us 1.14m returns. ‘rothschild family’ give us 3.33m returns. So much for us to know so much for us to find out. So much opportunity for us to solidify the greatness we have heard about. Relationships and character form our legacy and legacy is what we leave behind when we are gone. It fuels our children’s lives and inspires those that know us. On a personal tip, my most read blog is a short and sweet note I wrote when I lost a good friend last year, Hamim Lubega. Many knew him for his abilities on the track and how he was in a track and field environment. Many knew of his love for travel but ALL of us remembered his friendship and his kind heart. THAT was his legacy.

Don’t clasp your relationships. Embrace them with your character. (Please read)

Imagine, if we spent as much time genuinely complimenting each other as we do debating. Imagine changes in your life if you were to, right now, start grouping your phone contacts into ‘Family’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Acquaintances’, making a phone call to one person from each group every day. Imagine if we were able to disagree without having to give a disclaimer, because it was already understood that our relationships are more important than our opinions. Imagine Love…

I’m venturing on a journey of Purpose, Love & Happiness. I’d like to think that, the further I venture, the more these things become the base of my Character and Relationships. My Legacy to inspire those that know me.

God Bless.


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