What, Why and Where do I write?

I’m asked these questions fairly regularly and, to be honest, there’s no set answer. I’ve been writing for many years and, for the most part, I write well but this isn’t down to me finding my ‘zen’ place, time or subject matter. I believe it’s because I put my heart out there in a readable format.
In that I put myself out there, as opposed to put myself out there to entertain an audience, I find that readers can resonate with what I have to share on a more personal level. I think this is more important than simply trying to manipulate emotion. I feel like there is a certain level of ‘fake’ in doing that.

My upbringing hasn’t been perfect. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and, growing up, I was definitely the one to learn things the hard way, often willingly! I have grown to learn, understand and attempt to live according to a standard of Love, that is Christ. It’s definitely an ongoing process but the learning curve and the lessons, I feel can benefit anyone going through the same situations I find myself in, thus helping others to live a better life, possibly avoiding the hardships I’ve had to face. This keeps in line with Gandhi’s idea of being the change I’d love to see in the world. I’d love to experience a world where everyone loves the next person, with Love as a set standard and not just one’s own warm, fuzzy feeling, and everyone expresses themselves truthfully for the betterment of others. This social media culture we live in dictates that we can live our lives in a fairy tale, filtering out the hard truths. An act that, in the long run simply makes us an island, being eroded by the harsh lessons life can often throw our way.

When we look back through history, the best authors were some of the most gritty people. Or were they?
In honesty, I see ‘good’ writers as people that express their lives without filter, just as I see good artists. There’s a certain level of peace you need to have with yourself, along with a little detachment from the rest of society’s filtered presentation. An ability to take what’s ‘real’ with a pinch of salt, if you like.

There are some who have said they find themselves touched by my writing, to which I think to myself, “You’ve actually been touched by my life then…”


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