Marcus Browne: A Moment To Show Some Sibling Love…

I'm sure my brother would like to tell his own story so I won't be going too deep but there comes a time when credit has to be given where credit is due. As an athlete myself, it was easy to see Marcus' dedication from the very beginning of what would become his football career.... Continue Reading →


President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants

You can read the article, from the U.K.'s The Independent newspaper here. I would like to pose a question, regarding this article. According to an article I read last year, most ILLEGAL immigrants come to the States and end up going into farming and slave labour in the agricultural industry. A large percentage of the... Continue Reading →

Pets or Humans. Who do you trust?!

The lesson, first and foremost is, when you volunteer to give your opinions on the questions of Facebook friends, expect ANYTHING! LOL! Ric Anastasi, this one is for you! You know, as much as the answer is going to be humans, I can't help but see the relevance of pets. Why? Because, succeed or fail,... Continue Reading →


If I died tonight, how would you feel? What would be your lasting memory of me? The real truth is, tomorrow is never promised.

Reward Comes Through Process.

Many of us want reward but don't want the process. It's the learning and experience of the process that allows us to appreciate the reward.  With no process, there can be no appreciation of the reward, leading to short-lived and incomplete satisfaction.

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