Racism. Why we can’t just love and move on. A brief thought.

The discussion of racism and racial inequality is always a minefield discussion. Mainly because there is a sudden call to do what nobody wan

ts to do. Look in the mirror and see where they may be wrong. But that’s society for you.

Whether we choose to accept it or not, racism and racial inequality exist and, until inequality is removed, we can’t just move on. There needs to be a reaching back to those who are victims of racism, an open offering of closure and then a closing of the gap between those ahead and those behind. The simple fact is, to simply ‘move on from here’ is to suggest that the here and now is the accepted norm and the foundation from which to start, in the same way we use starting blocks. We all know that, if the blocks aren’t solid, someone is going to slip. Surging forwards as things are now would be the same as ignoring the holes in the boat. Pushing forward as though the movement stops the leak and, as a result, stops the ship from sinking. It just can’t work that way.

I had a conversation with a passenger this evening. He was 21. He drives a 2015 Ford Mustang, bought for him by his parents, as a reward for doing well at school. At first, I thought, “What madness!” But I thought a little more and came to a conclusion. Most isms and scisms define divides where one group lives while the other survives. Giving support to the saying, “To live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

I find it crazy at times that we wish to push forward with ‘Love’ as the answer, without realizing our divides are perceived in the physical. “Let’s love each other and move forward” works magnificently when you live in a comfortable home, own your own vehicle and are able to eat a healthy diet every day. If this is you, you are in a great position to move on to develop relationships around you and I don’t blame you for that. I’d love to have that too. But there is a flip-side to this coin. How do you tell a man, who is making decisions like, which days he can and can’t feed his family or laundry vs. taking the bus to work, that he needs to show love to a man who sees his needs but isn’t willing to help?

In today’s materialistic society, it’s easy to see it wrong that a man is living off your taxes, seemingly chilling out on the government dime. But for those wishing to simply move on, in Love, you have to love enough to see that those on the other side of the divide don’t want your fish. They want to be in a position to fish for themselves. Herein lies the reason why we can’t move forward in ‘Love’. You cannot ask a man to love you while you throw him fish to eat but prevent him from fishing for himself. When all of society’s demographics are on an even keel, able to fish for themselves in an evenly distributed sea, THEN we will be able to move on in LOVE.

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