Racism. Why we can’t just love and move on. A brief thought.

The discussion of racism and racial inequality is always a minefield discussion. Mainly because there is a sudden call to do what nobody wan ts to do. Look in the mirror and see where they may be wrong. But that's society for you. Whether we choose to accept it or not, racism and racial inequality... Continue Reading →


Resolutions! They aren’t for everyone.

Gifts and desires have their own set standards and, when they are in play, intention doesn't supersede cause and effect.

Opinion Based On Conversation: Policing The United States.

I while back, I posted a Facebook status, expressing some thoughts on the state of policing here in the United States. I expressed that there are some key things needing to be addressed, in order to build a relationship between the public and the police force, and also to improve policing in the overall scheme of things.

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