You Are What You Eat.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blood disorders, obesity. These are real, clear and present dangers. These dangers, however, are dangers that can be addressed and prevented by simply being diligent about what we put inside our bodies. Our acidic environments and meat-protein driven diets are literally causing us to commit delayed suicide because, instead of eating to live and live well, we eat because it feels and tastes good. Some of us are also guilty of eating out of repetition. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, try skipping that cup of coffee in the morning!

I don’t have the perfect diet but I have definitely moved to eating a starch-based Kosher diet. It’s been a decent journey and there has been much learned. I’d strongly advise reading the article below and watching the YouTube video also for further understanding.

Dr. John McDougall MD has been widely criticized by the pharmaceutical conglomerates that drive our medicine market. You would think that he may be somewhat of a renegade. However, Dr. John McDougall has, in his 50+ years, had much documented success as a result of his natural approach, rather than medication. I believe that this is the issue at hand.
Medicine is big business, a massive financial generator and the liner of many deep, deep pockets. Pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to see problems eradicated. It needs problems to exist in order for itself thrive. People like Dr. John McDougall are a threat and so steps are taken to stifle him as a guide, and to block the avenues he points out by means such as making natural foods cost small mortgages to feed on. Read/Watch for yourselves and feel free to give any feedback.




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