When You’re 13 And Haven’t Yet Grasped The Concept Of Cost…

So, I have a part-time job in my gym. Nothing fancy. Just working the desk for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday.

You come across strange things working in this gym. For starters, we have a female member who trains for about 90 minutes before spending about TWO HOURS in the changing room. How that is possible, I’m guessing only females would know (Cue the molotov cocktails, inbound via social media!).

Today’s humorous selection was a conversation between the cleaner and her 13 years old daughter.

To set the scene, I had finished doing some medicine ball burpees in the corner of the gym. As a result, my boxers had ridden into the unknown and so, as you do, I carried necessary adjustments as I zoned out to the symphonic closing credits of X-men. I became aware of this brief conversation around me.

Child: “I found a dress!” [8th grade dinner dance]

Mother: “How much is it?”

Child: “$400”

Mother: “I’ll find something similar!” [I couldn’t help laughing at this point]

An attempt was made to argue a point but it landed on the ears of a mother, bearing the Wednesday Addams straight face. Alas, child. Going nowhere, fast!

I chuckled to myself and then laughed to myself as I pictured the young lass mowing multiple lawns and washing multiple cars amid the dramatic crescendo of X-men’s closing credits. LOL!

*sighs* It’s the little things, people. The little things!


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