The Look I Give When It Just Doesn’t Make Sense…

I live very dangerously. That is, I remain opinionated in this year 2016. However, I try to give quarter wherever I can. It’s something that I’m working on, as I dodge the fiery darts of this growing revolution called ‘Everyone is a winner’, a.k.a. ‘You can’t judge me’, a.k.a. ‘How dare you tell me I’m wrong when I’m wrong.’ This year of 2016 has me feeling like Maximus from Gladiator. Every day, as I leave my apartment and every day as I negotiate social media, I hear Proximo whispering in my ear, “We mortals are but shadows and dust. Shadows and dust, Maximus!” as I steel myself for the social affray that lies ahead.

As I duck, stick and move through this amphitheatre of life, I like to believe I do well. My personality sees me with sword and shield, nimbly avoiding net and trident, as my sharpened opinions offend flesh and spill the arguments of others over dry, sandy floors and… well… that just didn’t happen this morning.
This morning, I found myself confounded, as a gladiator would be if a mechanized robot, from War of the Worlds, suddenly appeared in the amphitheatre and began atomizing everyone with a laser beam. I stood, sword and shield by my side, as I heard some things that were, quite simply, out of this world!

Me: “I just don’t understand how you managed to drop the computer if you wasn’t moving it.”

Them: “Yeah. It hit the bar when it fell. I thought it would break the fall. Look… It won’t even switch on.”

Me: *with confused Nick Young smile*”So, the computer hit the metal bar before hitting the concrete floor and you’re surprised it doesn’t work?”

Them: *’deer in headlights’ stare, blinks*

*face-palm, sighs, points with sword* Someone warp me, second star to the right and straight on til morning…!


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