Autumn Mornings

Crisp air, slightly warmed, as the morning
Sun rouses from slumber,
Disturbed by a paling crescent moon, mischievously
Lurking in an overcast, pastel-drawn sky.
Fresh-fallen leaves join me in looking up
At the trees, speckled with shades of autumn.
Red, brown, green and yellow converge together.
Differences forming a collective beauty,
Taking up the baton where humanity falls short.
I’m humbled by this display of Love and community.
Children, awaiting school time, fill the air
With  the sound of innocent play and excitement,
As the trees respond, in unison, gently swaying
As the laughter dances through their boughs.
An air of regeneration smooths over my face
And fills my lungs, producing a smile of content.
If only time could pause;


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