A Public Thanks To Real MVPs.

I entered my 36th year knowing that I was on the cusp of walking into my future. As the gears turn slowly, but still steadily, I can’t help but feel the need to say thanks.

Everyone needs a support base and I’m not so special that I’ve managed to be where I am without one. Without certain individuals lending their support, at times when I’ve had my back to the wall, I wouldn’t be on this cusp at all. But they have helped and, even though they’ll remain anonymous at this time (They know who they are), I’d like to offer a public thanks.

It could be that I was struggling and you’ve helped financially. It could be that I’ve needed a ride to shop for groceries or partake in outdoor activities and you’ve given that ride. It could be that, in order to bring a smile to my face, you saw a need to surprise me with a theme park outing (I need to blog about this one!). It could be that you were clearing house and came across some things I need and offered. It could be that I helped you and you returned the favour above and beyond. Whatever it has been, there are some people I’m ever indebted to.

Family, real friends, church family, supervisors, in no specific order, I take a knee and salute you with love and gratitude.

Thank you…


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